Bio-guided development of a formulation from modified natural products with osmoprotective activity in crops against water stress.


Detailed description of the actions to be taken: Bio-guided synthetic modification of natural products with osmoprotective capacity, starting from chemical structures of natural products with biological activity against osmotic stress that are referenced in the literature. Chemical modifications will be made to their structure in order to improve their osmoprotective activities.

From a purely chemical point of view, it is proposed to synthetically modify the amino acids and 1,4-naphthoquinones of the vitamin K type, by pursuing three different objectives:

  1. To modulate the hydrophilic (water solubility) and lipophilic (lipid solubility) capacity of the molecules present in Annex B, while attempting to preserve their "pharmacophoric" function.
  2. Replacement of a hydroxyl group by a sulphur-containing group in amino acids that have already shown osmoprotective activity.
  3. Application of the "ProTide Technology" concept in the synthesis of new agrochemicals.