Evaluation of the osmoprotective potential of the compounds against water stress, by means of fast-track tests under hydroponic conditions.

Sistema Hidropónico

The evaluation of molecules/extracts by assays in hydroponic culture was previously optimized by two of the groups in the consortium (IPNA-CSIC and ULL). Up to 30 molecules per week are screened to determine their effectiveness to increase tolerance to osmotic stresses like that caused by water deficit. Consequently, this procedure is included in the first phase of screening formulations.

The plants will be subjected to different concentrations of water deficit, optimized for each of the species, whether mono- or dicotyledons). The dose used will generate a degree of stress that after a week reduces plant growth by approximately 50% with respect to control plants without stress. This degree of stress is normally used for studies to increase tolerance or protection by applying specific treatments.