The idea of this project arises as a consequence of previous collaboration and common interests among several research groups and public institutions. On the one hand, the Applied Plant Biology Group of the University of La Laguna (ULL) and the Chemical Activators of Plant Defences Group of the Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology of the CSIC (IPNA-CSIC) share a long history of joint collaboration in a common line of search for bioactive molecules with the capacity to increase resistance/tolerance to stress.

On the other, the ISOPlexis/Germobank Group of the University of Madeira (UMa) has been searching for plant varieties more resistant to water stress In addition, the Cabildo (island council) of Tenerife is interested in promoting new technologies for use in the primary sector.

Finally, there are collaborating companies (Biovert S.L. y Kweek Agro S.L.) that form part of the consortium, which have already licensed similar biotechnology and are interested in developing new products.


  • Main beneficiary Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology
    Project Coordinator
    • Main beneficiaries of ERDF
      • Tenerife Island Council
      • University of La Laguna
      • University of Madeira
    • Other associated participants
      • BIOVERT
      • KWEEK AGRO
1. Main beneficiaries of ERDF (Madeira, Azores, Canary Islands) Leader Region/Country
Project Coordinator Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology

Andrés Antonio Borges Rodríguez
(Project Manager)

Ignacio Brouard Martín

Antonio Jesús Herrera González

Mercedes Cueto Prieto

Antonio Hernández Daranas

Natalia Usenco Usenco

Canary Islands/Spain
Partner 2 University of La Laguna

Juan Cristo Jorge Luis

Francisco Valdés González

Canary Islands/Spain
Partner 3 Tenerife Island Council

Domingo José Ríos Mesa

Belarmino Santos Coello

Canary Islands/Spain
Partner 4 University of Madeira

Miguel Ângelo Almeida Pinheiro de Carvalho

José Filipe Teixeira Ganança

2. Other associated participants Leader Region/Country
Partner 5 Biovert, SL Lara Díaz Catalonia/Spain
Partner 6 Kweek Agro, SL Elisabet Pifarré Catalonia/Spain