Institute of Natural Products and Agrobiology – CSIC

The activity of the IPNA ranges from basic research to technological development. Its objectives are varied, taking into account that it is a multidisciplinary centre with three main scientific-technical areas:

  • Chemical Sciences and Technologies: Chemical synthesis, biological and medical chemistry, organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and materials chemistry and nanotechnology.
  • Agricultural Sciences: Water in agriculture, soil quality, plant nutrition and physiology, phytopathology and fruit growing.
  • Natural Resources: Biology of organisms, terrestrial ecosystems and earth sciences.

The aims of the IPNA are scientific and technological research, transfer of knowledge to industry and society, training of research personnel and dissemination of science to society.

Its headquarters are within the Anchieta Campus of the University of La Laguna (Tenerife), with which it has various agreements for the exchange of technological support services, training of researchers and university education. In addition, the IPNA is also active on the island of La Palma through the Juan José Bravo Rodríguez Agrobiology Laboratory, whose purpose is to support the primary sector. This thematic richness is one of the main assets of the Institute, because of the potential synergies derived from interaction among these lines. The IPNA currently has approximately 70 employees, including 24 researchers. In terms of funding channels, it has attracted mainly national but also European funds through several individual Marie-Curie projects, as well as those coordinated under the H2020 Framework Programme.

Finally, the Institute has a wide range of scientific and technological services with highly trained staff. These services, often composed of unique equipment, allow the centre to carry out cutting-edge research. Among those available to its researchers, it is worth mentioning their access to the Teide supercomputer and the ITER Genome Sequencing Unit.

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Andrés A. Borges Rodríguez
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Grupo de Agrobiotecnología
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